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  • Why Workers’ Observatories Can Help Empower Gig Workers
    This article, first published on Brave New Europe, looks at the growth of observatories in Europe seeking to understand the changing nature of work, and empower workers to research, access and ultimately control their data. By Cailean Gallagher (@apudscotos). Inspired by the 19th century observatory that sits atop a hill in Scotland’s capital city (pictured […]
  • Cycling in the City: A workers inquiry of food delivery platforms in Edinburgh.
    A member of the Delivery Guild investigates the conditions of courier work in Edinburgh, and the challenges of organising within a dispersed community. With thanks to Notes from Below, who first published the inquiry as part of a new collection of worker writing, From the Workplace. Food delivery couriers are now a ubiquitous part of […]
  • Spotlight on Spain: gig workers take heart from court support
    As California voters back Prop22 that will make Uber and Lyft exempt from labour law, a member of our Delivery Guild reflects on the recent good news closer to home. Something is shifting in Spain. A decision from the Spanish Supreme Court on the irregular status of self-employed riders could rock the platform economy as […]
  • Does traditional union organising work in food delivery? The McAlevey Method on Wheels
    I am a takeaway delivery courier based in Edinburgh. I have been in this job for two years, and I have become aware of different issues couriers face while working, including variable and unpaid waiting times at restaurants, uncertainty of the availability of orders on a given day, constantly decreasing fees, and sudden unexplained terminations. […]