Dunfermline Rates Campaign

How can you resist falling pay rates?

Getting information about pay is one of the practical starting points for building collective power as a community of gig workers.

Drivers in Dunfermline have been monitoring their work to see how platforms have manipulated their rates. Falling rates have big effects on workers’ lives, so drivers ran a rates campaign to register the downward spiral of wages, using collective action to resist their pay cuts.

Just Eat Drivers Resist Falling Rates

A Community of Drivers

In Dunfermline, workers mapped patterns of pay by sharing screenshots of offers as they came in. They compared their rates-per-ride with what they thought was a fair minimum payment. They developed a plan to refuse rates that fell below a certain threshold. They distributed business cards, organised to reject low rates one evening, and acted in unity. The following week their rates increased.

If you work in the gig economy in the city of Dunfermline or across Scotland and want to monitor your rates and the ways that platforms make hidden decisions, get in touch.