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#DWI descends on Edinburgh

This week, pioneers of platform organising and gig worker empowerment will descend virtually on Edinburgh for two days, to present and discuss groundbreaking projects for empowering workers to monitor and challenge conditions in the platform economy.

The event, hosted in Edinburgh and supported by the Workers’ Observatory, will bring together workers, union organisers, and researchers to explore the stories behind projects from Chile to Georgia, as well as our own application for riders to gather, analyse and understand data about pay rates and working time. To sign up or find out more, visit the event website.

Over two days, #DWI will showcase worker-led data projects, ranging from the creation of apps, tools, and software to the discussions of the ethical, technical, and legal challenges of working with or organising through worker data. Four themes inform the workshop:

• Stories of the Build: The Who, What, and Why of the Tool

• Ethical and Technical Challenges of Accessing Worker Data

• Legal Concerns and Challenges of Building with Worker Data

• Building Solidarity Through Data-Driven Organising: Does it work?